About Company

We are having 40 years of experience in plastic technology. Especially we have 20 years of experience in manufacturing water tanks. We are manufacturing water storage tanks and drums since 2002 with the range of 20 Ltrs to 2000 Ltrs capacity. First time in India we have introduced 3 layer technology and anti microbial technology in water tanks in 2007.

We have hired highly experienced employees, technicians who will operate highly efficient German technology machines.

We have attended plastic related trade fair in so many countries. Especially we have attended China Trade fair four times, twice to Dubai Trade fair, once to German Trade fair, once to Japan Trade fair and once to Vietnam Trade fair and observed the latest, safest and fastest technology and introduced it to our manufacturing process.


We have obtained the patent for 3 layer products in drip irrigation hoses, PVC pipes and HDPE Hose first ever in the world.

Apart from raw material other items which we use to manufacture and supply of water tanks like master batch, UV, Tank lid, packing cover are all manufactured by us under single roof. Very few companies in India have these setup and we are pioneer among them. We are still acting as an advisor for so many companies to start their plastic manufacturing process.


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